About Us

John Frost - Master Electrician

John is the Owner Operator, Electrical Contractor and Master Electrician at Frost Electric. He has been in the electrical field for over 25 years and loves the trade. He is excited to come to your home and work with you on your next electrical project. 

Personal Life: John loves fishing, gardening and dabbles in small woodworking projects. He is a big fan of Dr. Who and loves to watch horror and murder mystery movies with his wife, Jennifer. 

John and Alice in the Woods

Alice Frost - Inventory Manager

Alice is in charge of guarding the electrical supplies and taking inventory. She ensures that all the supplies are on the truck ready to come service your home. She never gets to be on the job site, but she loves guarding the supplies and she takes her job very seriously.

Personal Life: She loves sitting by the fire, playing with her toys, going on walks in the woods, playing with the local skunks, and her favourite snacks are ice cubes and teriyaki carrots. 

Picture of Alice the Dog